We did get a great weather day to finish up the weekend @Byron’s 2013 Top Dog Shootout

On a Marginal racing surface,

All competitor’s struggled to make good runs !

Qualifying was reduced to 1 round in the morning

We landed up 3rd in the show w/ a 4.74 triple pedal effort

First round put us against 6th qualifier Mike Recchia w/ his ADRL Camaro

After yet another pedal vest we lost a close race

4.21 to 4.41 finish

After the run, I was told of my -.07 redlight anyway

But we gave it all we had and had a great time trying

Congrats to Hector& Carlos Laracuente for their final round win over Mike Recchia

Hector put down one of the only clean passes of the day to win the show

Bottom Line , we had a Great weekend of racing

Bob O

Cool morning
Still under the covers
Qualifying @10am

Just before first round qualifying
Ready to run!