Well been bummed out all day
Never got to make a pass
Worked on the car all day
Re indexed the cam at the track
Restarted again at 10 pm last night and it still would not run right There is something up w/ the new injector we bought this winter We have three weeks to figure it out
We will be all over trying to figure it out

Needed a daily indicator

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Today we RACE

Today’s race is in question right now
With the weather . If not today then don’t miss Memorial Day!

Even though the weather not good were optimistic

Back in one piece and ready to fire!

Gotta drop the top on!

bob orslini vintage pic
“old skhool”

Randy Kramer friend & local designer stopped by and it so happened I was sporting one of his vintage tee shirt design’s from years ago. He decided to document it with an old school black and white photo of my blank and white ride.